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Debut novel "Demon World: Transcendence"
Now Available 




Balvir Bhullar is a writer, and has just signed a contract with That Guy's House for her debut book: Demon World Transcendence.


Balvir Bhullar is a writer and overzealous amateur photographer. She has loved telling stories since she was a child, has always thought that they have the power to transport us to other worlds, spark our imagination, and ultimately teach us that anything is possible if we just try.


For Balvir, history and folklore are great sources of inspiration. She loves to travel, and in particular to visit different museums, because they afford her the chance of getting closer to the stories that have shaped our past.


Balvir enjoys spending time in nature, too, as she believes it to be an immense fount of wellbeing and wisdom, that has taught her much about life and how to navigate its various challenges. 

Photograph by Jué Chen



In the quiet streets of Westminster, Rowanne’s life is changed forever when a fateful encounter leads to her death. But when the enigmatic and brooding Alexander Black storms into her life like the North Wind, bringing her back from the brink, their two worlds collide in ways neither of them ever expected, and both their lives are irrevocably changed. The search for the truth about her own death, subsequent revival, and the mysterious family ties she discovers along the way, lead Rowanne down a dangerous path, and into whole other worlds. But can she trust the newcomer… or will the dark secrets he harbours destroy them both?

Released June 22nd 2021. Available Now.



Debut novel "Demon World: Transcendence" released on June 22 2021

Balvir Bhullar signs publishing deal with That Guy's House 

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